Russian Mushroom Cookies – Gribochky

Adorable red and white mushroom cookies, via thetipsywitch. These edibles do not contain hallucinogens, but may cause excitability.

Image credit: thetipsywitch

How they are made: the cap and stem cookie pieces are formed, baked separately, and stuck together with melted chocolate. Then the caps are coated with a red glaze and powdered sugar.

The full recipe is available from Original post is below – click for more gorgeous photos.

One of my favorite things about Winter is when you get those perfect, crisp days. The days when you can go for a hike in the snow-laden woods and breathe in air so cold it tightens your lungs. Now that I live in Germany, I get to experience those days so much more than I ever did growing up in the American South. I’ve found that on these walks, I’ve developed a new love of foraging. Of gathering plants and nuts and bringing them back home to use in recipes and rituals. It’s always exciting to see what I can find to fill up the kitchen.

Unfortunately, Winter in Germany is also very wet. This means that many days i’m confined to the house, where it’s easy to quickly go stir crazy. On one of those days, I fell deep into the Pinterest rabbit-hole, and found a recipe that brought…

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